We at precog handle the planning and execution tasks for all sorts of art projects, including art festivals, film festivals, theater & dance performances, fashion shows, and school programs. We trigger “chemical reactions” that excite both audiences and artists, and convey the interest of the constantly progressing “contemporaneity” through special events.

What we can do Planning and execution of performances and art projects

1. Production of performances and events

We handle all types of tasks involved in the planning and production of various art projects spanning the genres of theater, dance, art, and music. We plan and run large-scale events such as art festivals and film festivals.
Theatrical performances / outdoor shows / film festivals / fashion shows / art projects / large-scale events (festivals etc.)
chelfitsch & Teppei Kaneuji "Eraser Mountain" in Tokyo
All-In Film Festival 2021
Japan-China-Korea Art Festival 2021 in Kitakyushu, general direction by Yoichi Ochiai

2. Overseas tours and invitations

We engage in the drafting and operation of international co-production projects with partners outside Japan as well as the coordination and management of overseas tours. We also invite artists and works from various countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia to come to Japan.
Overseas tour management / international co-productions / invitation to and acceptance of overseas artists / drafting of plans for and operation of international forums and other projects for human resource development, networking, etc.
“Pratthana – A Portrait of Possession” by Uthis Haemamool and Toshiki Okada with Yuya Tsukahara
Jejak- 旅 Tabi Exchange: Wandering Asian Contemporary Performance
“History of Violence” by Schaubühne Berlin at Tokyo Festival 2019

3. Barrier-free stream distribution & planning of online events

We provide information assurance for videos of works and support for the entire process culminating in online distribution. Through THEATRE for ALL, our stream distribution service, we distribute works of art of all types, from classical to contemporary, in many genres, including theater, dance, film, and new media art. We also offer services in barrier-free production of performance videos and video works, and direction of articles.

Procurement of contents / online distribution / article direction / member support /
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4. Appreciation support & seating design

We prepare environments adapted to audience diversity by planning and providing support for viewing and appreciation, in forms such as barrier-free seating, childcare services, sign language interpretation, and audio guides.
Production of multilingual captions & subtitles / planning & production of audio guides / coordination for on-stage sign language interpretation / planning & operation of touch tours / coordination for childcare space / service for escort from railway stations to event venues / preparation of non-step routes and route guides for the visually impaired / preparation of braille leaflets and leaflets in large type / seating design (including seating for wheelchair access and seeing-eye dogs)
True Colors Festival, organized by The Nippon Foundation
All-In Film Festival 2022 in Nasu
Tell Me! The Secrets of Yokohama Noh Theater, Yokohama Noh Theater

5. Workshops & seminars

We plan and hold workshops, talk events, symposiums, school projects, and other events for families, children, persons with disabilities, students, working adults, etc. These events are not limited to the field of art and target various communities.
Planning & operation of various workshops, talk events, symposiums, and school projects
“Meet the Artists” Workshop Series Yamamoto Takayuki’s “Ichthys”
Graphic recording workshop on Pratthana – A Portrait of Possession
THEATRE for ALL Learning (a dialogue-type workshop)

6. Human resource development & dispatch

We develop human resources through lectures and schooling programs aimed at artists, designers, and other specialists. We also dispatch producers with all sorts of expertise to projects in a variety of fields. (Dispatch of human resources No. 13-314349)
Holding of lectures for artists / development of workshop facilitators / introduction of experts / operation team planning
“RE/Creation,” a lecture in the SHIBUYA QWS x Drifters 2020 series
Organization of True Colors Attendants (volunteer supporters) for the True Colors Festival, held by The Nippon Foundation
Executive secretariat for Culture Future Camp: Co-creating New Cultural Experiences through Inclusive Design, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

7. Local art festivals & effective use of vacant housing

We propose setups for and handle the operation of performances, events, and space that match the local character through planning, research, coordination with local residents, promotion of attendance, and other activities. In so doing, we help to make communities more vibrant.
Operation of festival secretariats / production and planning of works with local residents / space operation / store production
"Entrance/Exit" by Norimizu Ameya & Mariko Asabuki at the Kunisaki Art Festival

8. Communication design & PR

We provide direction for the production of press releases, posters, leaflets, booklets, books, and videos, as well as for the operation of websites and social media, and placement of ads. We also do branding for works being presented and festivals, and promote publicity campaigns to attract audiences.
Branding / creative direction / drafting and execution of plans for advertising communication / press releases / information dissemination on the internet through use of social media, websites, production of streams, etc. / production of ad articles & operation of advertising / production of leaflets, posters, and booklets, and editing of books etc.
Partnership secretariat for the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare project for the diffusion of artistic and cultural activities among the disabled (performing arts field)
“History of Violence” by Schaubühne Berlin at Tokyo Festival 2019
True Colors Festival, organized by The Nippon Foundation

9. Operation of space & distribution platforms

We offer a rental studio that can be freely used for classes, workshops, etc.; a “challenge shop” that can be run as a cafe or a gallery; and a barrier-free online theater. We are creating “loci” for artistic and cultural activities through our operation of these two spaces we own and our distribution platform.
Store production / support for business establishment / management & operation of rental space / management and operation of a distribution platform
Yamabuki Factory, a rental studio (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo)
PUNTO PRECOG, a “challenge shop” (Beppu, Oita Prefecture)
THEATRE for ALL, a barrier-free online theater

Our strengths Many years of involvement in international exchange and focus on social inclusion in various genres

For the last approximately 20 years, we at precog have forged network links with a great number of artists and art-related personnel inside and outside Japan, and developed business in diverse domains. Our staff have a wealth of know-how and sophisticated expertise, and lead projects to success.


Centered around theater, dance, and other performing arts, our activities span the spheres of music, literature, film, media arts, fashion, and others. We collaborate with artists in various genres, and have executed projects in all sorts of venues, including theaters, museums, art festivals, and online platforms.

The ability to draft plans that are not bound by genre and to coordinate cross-disciplinary projects is a strength of precog, which has a long record of achievement in diverse genres and deep store of related know-how.

International exchange

Ever since our founding in 2006, we have helped to hold global projects with precog’s unmatched network links, constructed over many years, with all types of professionals from countries in Europe, North America, Asia, South America, and other regions. These partners include festival producers, theater curators, researchers, and coordinators.

We support the production of works spanning regions and countries through international co-production by artists, and their tours of various countries. We accept blanket consignments of all tasks from the creation of local relevancy that parallels research to the production process, performances, and various service and management work arising after performances.

Social inclusion

We have accumulated a store of know-how through activities to enhance accessibility by means such as sign language interpretation and audio guides, venue design, and platform operation, to assist appreciation of arts.

We also take highly original approaches in this aspect, as exemplified by our creation of artist-original barrier-free arrangements. We likewise put our hands to inclusive creations with people who have diverse backgrounds, and have built up a long record of collaboration with people who have various disabilities and represent a diversity of generations, nationalities, and genders.

Art education

We plan and hold workshops, talk sessions, symposiums, school programs, and other events for various communities, including families, children, students, and working adults. We are adept at creating venues for learning through culture and the arts. We also work with private enterprises, welfare facilities, and museums and other cultural facilities in our activities to widen opportunities for learning from art.

We are putting efforts into activities that link art and education, through collaboration with artists and development of workshop programs. Over the roughly three years since 2019, we developed 37 workshop programs that had an extended total of 620 participants as of August 2022.

Audience creation

We have extensive experience in drafting various publicity strategies matching the projects in question, by disseminating information, preparing publicity tools, and planning related events. The viewing experience is enriched through events and talk sessions held before and after the performance etc.

We have also accumulated know-how in diverse ways of delivering works to people who have thus far had few opportunities for direct contact with performing arts, such as children and disabled persons. We are committed to delivering an enriched appreciation and experience to a wider circle of viewers.

Teamwork Organization of optimal teams by staff with diverse skills

precog is a group of professional “producers.” The members of our staff have a wide range of skills, and take action by organizing the optimal team for the task at hand.

Artist Department

This team is in charge of producing performances and artists. It discharges a wide range of tasks, including arrangements for overseas tours, networking, new creations, and international invitations.

Barrier-free Communication Department

This team is assigned to barrier-free implementation for high accessibility, related education, and distribution coordination. It also handles the design of publicity and communication, and runs THEATRE for ALL.

Administration Department

This team is responsible for stable operation of the business. It prepares an environment needed for production through work in the areas of legal affairs, accounting & financial management, and operation of space.

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