Yudai Kamisato new series “KHAO KHAO CLUB ONLINE”

The 2020 new series by Yudai Kamisato  “KHAO KHAO CLUB ONLINE” which is produced by precog will be released!

From December 2019 to February 2020, Yudai Kamisato did research with Mark Teh, Director, Curator and Researcher in Malaysia, in the Ryukyu Islands and northern Thailand as “Collaborative Research: Re-Reading the history from the South.” He makes a new piece based on the research collaboration.

As the theater version is postponed this year, he creates the online version.

Participating in “Jejak-Tabi Exchange NAHA @ ONLINE” (1st – 7th December), the audio play “KHAO KHAO CLUB.mp3” premiered in July as Yudai’s first online work, “KHAO KHAO CLUB.pdf” that follows in the footprints of their research, and Yudai’s first video work in collaboration with filmmaker Woomin Hyun “KHAO KHAO CLUB.mp4” will be released until 7th December limitedly!

Prior to the release of the new works, the audio work “KHAO KHAO CLUB.mp3” is being re-delivered! Please enjoy it.


 “KHAO KHAO CLUB.mp3” 14th November – 7th December 2020 https://khaokhaoclub.com/en/mp3/
 “KHAO KHAO CLUB.pdf”   1st – 7th December 2020
 “KHAO KHAO CLUB.mp4” 1st – 7th December 2020

*All delivered for a limited time until 24:00 on Monday 7th December.