Theater company Q by ICHIHARA Satoko

An overseas online tour planned and produced by precog has been decided.
A play by Satoko Ichihara, an energetic Japanese artist, will be performed.

For this tour, we are holding a talk session coinciding with the showing of the online edition, with the participation of local producers, critics, and researchers. This practice will presumably prompt re-examinations of outlooks on value among the creators and audiences.

Theater company Q by ICHIHARA Satoko

‘The Question of Faeries’ Online Tour

May 29th(Sat)-30th(Sun), 2021

Streaming with Chinese surtitles

The stage edition of ‘The Question of Fairies’ will be streamed for 2days.

Schedule: May 29th(Sat)-30th(Sun), 2021
Language: Japanese with Chinese surtitles
Viewing fee: free

Local special web (in Chinese) : https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/6K8wmVrbiU9_6vPH6L6lSw

The stage edition of “The Question of Faeries” (with surtitles in 6 languages)
STAGE BEYOND BORDERS -Selection of Japanese Performances – Presented by the Japan Foundation
『The Question of Faeries』 https://youtu.be/svjSi3xsa80

Indonesian version Streaming

We will streaming the new online edition of ‘The Question of Fairies’ collaborating with local cast and using a part of the recoring of past online performances.

Schedule: May 30th(Sun) 15:30-(Indonesia Time) / 17:30-(Japanese Standard Time)
Language: Japanese and Indonesian with Indonesian surtitles
Viewing fee: free (reservation required)
Reservation (in Indonesian):bit.ly/RegistrasiMasalahPeri

Talk session

■Talk session between Japan and China.

We will share and exchange the opinions about the situation in the theater world of each country and their cultural contexts. We will deepen understanding of the stage edition of “The Question of Faeries” based on the discussion.

May 29th(Sat) 
18:00- (Chinese Standard Time) / 17:00- (Japanese Standard Time)

Zhang Yuan(Shanghai / Local producer),Shi Ke(Shanghai / Theater critic, Actor), aoaoaing ensemble(Shanghai / Local theater company), Satoko Ichihara(Japan)
Streaming URL: https://is.gd/AB8Zgh(bilibili)

■Joint talk session with Japan, China and Indonesia.

What is “faeries” in this performance? What are the objects dealt with as invisible in each society? We will exchange each awareness of the problem that arises through the performance.

May 30th(Sun)

Zhang Yuan(Shanghai /Producer),Shi Ke(Shanghai / Theater critic, Actor), aoaoing ensemble(Shanghai / local theater company), Muhammad Abe(Yogyakarta / Producer), Rebecca Kezia(Yogyakarta /  Performing arts researcher, Producer), Arsita Iswardhani(Yogyakarta / Actor), Satoko Ichihara(Japan)

Information in 4 languages.
(Japanese, English, Chinese, Indonesian)

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