chelfitch “Five Days in March”

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The groundbreaking and modern work of chelfitsch Theater Company has made it one of Japan’s most talked-about theater companies in recent years. Characterized by deceptively insubstantial narrative, super-colloquial dialogue, and exaggerated fidgeting-turned-choreography, the work perfectly captures the irony and impotence felt by the Generation Y in Japan today. The work overcomes language barriers, garnering the company wide acclaim in premier theater festivals and venues throughout Europe and Asia, including Brussels, Paris, Cardiff, Salzburg, and Singapore.
Five Days in March is the prestigious Kishida Kunio Drama Award-winning play by Toshiki Okada. In the days before the U.S. declares war on Iraq in March 2003, two Japanese urban hipsters meet at a rock concert and are swept into a one-night stand that turns into five days of continuous sex. Oblivious to the imminent invasion, the slackers obsess over the details of their love affair. The piece unfolds as actors slip in and out of character while casually narrating and playing out scenes. This work takes the Japanese “”quiet theater”” movement [the naturalistic and analytic theatre that forms the cornerstone of contemporary Japanese theater of the 1990s] to another level with remarkable choreography that is completely disconnected from the content of the hyper-real conversational tone of the dialogue.

Premiere: 2004
Duration: 90min
Performance recorded: 14th March, 2006 @Super Deluxe(Roppongi / Japan)

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Playwrite / Director: Toshiki Okada
Performers: Luchino Yamazaki, Taichi Yamagata, Hiromasa Shimonishi, Syoko Matsumura, Eiji Takigawa, Nanboku Tohmiya, Souichi Murakami

Planner : Yasuo Ozawa
Stage : Koro Suzuki
Lighting : Tomomi Ohira
Sound : Norimasa Ushikawa
Flyer Design : good design company
Web Design : Hirofumi Tanigami
Production Photos : Toru Yokota
Production Filming : Takaki Sudo, Satoko Nakaizumi
Producer : Akane Nakamura
Production Cooperated by precog
Location Provided by Super Deluxe
In Association with ST Spot
Produced by chelfitch
Co-produced by Postmainstream Performing Arts Festival
Supported by Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture