chelfitsch “Super Premium Soft Double Vanilla Rich”

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After 2011, when playwright Toshiki Okada made a shift of creative course in the direction of exploring fiction, chelfitsch appeared in a succession of weighty works, as “Current Location” in 2012 and “Ground and Floor” in 2013. For his latest opus, in contrast, Okada is aspiring to a dance-oriented production that manages to be at once thoroughly light-hearted and humorous as well as biting and merciless. The setting is a convenience store, a place symbolizing contemporary Japanese society. The performance featuring seven distinctive characters unfolds to the accompaniment of all 48 preludes and fugues that make up J.S. Bach’s “The Well-Tem- pered Clavier,” transmuted into cheap background music piped into the store. Lovers of contemporary theater can hardly wait to see what this radical hybrid of narrative and corporeality will bring to light about Japan’s “today”!

Premiere: 2014
Duration: 100 min
Performance recorded: 12th to 21st December, 2014 @KAAT (Kanagwa Arts Theatre)(Yokohama / Japan)

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Playwrite/Director: Toshiki Okada
Performers: Tomomitsu Adachi, Shingo Ota, Azusa Kamimura, Mariko Kawasaki, Shuhei Fuchino, Makoto Yazawa, Hideaki Washio
Set Designer: Takuya Aoki
Costume: Sae Onodera (Tokyo Isho)
Stage Director: Koro Suzuki
Sound Director: Norimasa Ushikawa
Lighting Director: Tomomi Ohira
Music Arranger: Takaki Sudo
English Translation: Aya Ogawa
Illustration: Keiko Shindo
Flyer Design: Takahiro Furuya(Werkbund)
Production: chelfitsch
Associated production: precog co.,LTD.

Commissioned by Theater der Welt 2014

Co-produced by Theatre der Welt 2014(Mannheim), KAAT (Kanagawa Arts Theatre), LIFT-London International Festival of Theatre, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal (Lisbon), CULTURALSCAPES(Basel), Kaserne Basel, A House on FIRE co-pro- duction, with the support of the European Union

Special thanks to: Steep Slope Studio
Video Production: KAZUMO co.,LTD.