Nibroll “see/saw”

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A piece created by Nibroll, reborn as a dance company in 2012, on the theme of “life and death.” Normal everyday life was interrupted by March 11th 2011, and the work with its sense of plunging down into despair shook many in the audience. A one month-long show was performed at the Yokohama Creative City Center involving 4 main dancers and 15 extras. Subsequently, another version developed through collaboration with the local community was presented at the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale.
The title of the piece is “see/saw.” It’s something that probably everyone has played with at least once during their childhood. The word is composed of “see” (to view) and “saw” (tool for cutting, to move back and forth) but this combination of past and present tense gives rise to a variety of images. What was it that we saw as it creaked repeatedly carrying you up and down? And who was sitting at the other end?

Premiere: 2012
Duration: 60min
Performance recorded: July – August, 2012 / YOKOHAMA Creative Center(Yokohama / Japan)

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Director/Choreographer : Mikuni Yanaihara
Video Projection & Lighting: Keisuke Takahashi
Music : SKANK
Set Designer : Takuya Kamiike
Costume Designer : Takayuki Suzuki

Performers :
Emi Oyama, Akina Kinukawa, Ayako Yamashita, Ayako Fukushima
Ensemble cast : Yuri Kinugawa, Manaho Kaneko, Misato Mochizuki, Kazumasa Takahashi, Maki Kurita, Yu Tomatsu, Haruna Maekawa, Hiroki Kadota, Yumiko Takeda, Ririko Ohniwa, Takehito Kinoshita, Miho Shibayama, Itaru Sasaki, Taiki Nakano

Stage Manager : Koro Suzuki
Lighting: Kei Ito
Flyer design: Okamoto Tsuyoshi+, Takuya Kamiike

Presented by Nibroll
Co-produced by Yokohama Creative Center, Yokohama Arts Foundation
Sponsored by Yokohama Arts Festival Executive Committee
Special thanks to Steep Slope Studio
Supported by Japan Arts Council
Produced by precog