Development of a program for the diffusion of performance-related education among children

Conneling Study

  • type of event|Workshops
  • type of precog business|Promotion of education
  • field of expression|Dance, Theater
  • year of holding|2021, 2020, 2019

Outline of projects

CONNELING STUDY is a project for the production of learning methods using performing arts as the educational materials. Based in Yamabuki Factory, the project activities are led by performing arts producer Akane Nakamura and workshop designer Takashi Usui.

The name “CONNELING” comes from the Japanese word that means “kneading clay.” It has the connotation of “connecting” performance and appreciation by “kneading” ideas, thoughts, and theater-viewing experience. This project is an attempt to breed new learning through the addition of activities before, after, and during the performance, and thereby to link performance and appreciation in a new configuration.

Outline of the activities

*Let’s get half-transparent with chelfitsch! 2019

Date: 2019/8/25
Facilitators: Izumi Aoyagi, Mari Ando, Yuri Itabashi, Takuya Harada, Makoto Yazawa, Yo Yoshida,Kou Yonekawa Leon

*Aokid, “Earthfree!”

Date: 2019/9/21-22
Facilitators: Aokid, Takashi Usui

*Make, dance, and do with Aokid – “Earth! Earth! Earth!”

Date: 2020/5/10,5/17
Facilitators: Aokid, Takashi Usui

*Imaginary experience facilitation school

Date: 2020/10/8-9,10/15-17
Facilitators: Marina Natsukawa, Takashi Usui

*Let’s get half-transparent with chelfitsch! @online

Date: 2021/1/23
Facilitators: Izumi Aoyagi, Mari Ando, Yuri Itabashi, Takuya Harada, Makoto Yazawa, Yo Yoshida, Leon Kou Yonekawa

*Aokid online workshop, ◯+□+△ You Can Make at Home!

Date: 2021/7/4
Facilitators: Aokid, Takashi Usui

*Theatrical workshop, Let’s Make a Sequel to “Momotaro”!

Date: 2022/8/29
Facilitators: Suguru Yamamoto, Takashi Usui
Cast: Sachiro Nomoto, Kan Fukuhara, Sae Igami

Activity Report

Conneling Study, final report booklet (2019-2021) (PDF)


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