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“HONK! by Phamaly” True Colors MUSICAL

  • type of event|Festivals, Workshops, Participation-oriented
  • type of precog business|Event production, Barrier-free arrangements, Human resource development, Publicity & PR
  • field of expression|Theater, Music
  • year of holding|2020

Outline of projects

Phamaly advances the social narrative of disability to effect greater inclusion, participation, and respect for people with disabilities in all facets of society through their innovative production in the United States. They will work with two artists with disabilities from Japan to collaborate on a new musical that will be produced and premiered in the U.S., followed by a performance in Japan.

Date: 15th Feb. – 16th Feb 2020
Venue: TOKYO TATEMONO Brillia HALL (Toshima Arts and Culture Theatre)
Language: English (with subtitles in Japanese )
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Cast:Adam Johnson, Ken Kanokozawa, Sam Barrasso, Erin Schneider, Hiroko Higashino, Toby Yount, Jacob, Kevin, Miranda Ireland, Amber Marsh, Shannon Sauer, Kathleen Traylor, Regan Linton
Director: Stacey D’angelo
Assistant Director: Daniel Traylor
Stage Manager: Darion Ramos
Assistant Stage Manager: Richard Sauer
Choreographer: Colleen Mylott
Musical Director: Martha Yordy
Projection and Sound Designer: El Armstrong
Lighting Designer: Shannon McKinney
Costume Designer: Rachel Finley
Scenic Designer: Nicholas Renaud
Props Designer: Erin Banta
Puppet Designer: Cory Gilstrap
Planning / Coordination: Kyoko Suzuki
Production: Phamaly Theatre Company, NPO CUE-Art,,ltd.
Stage Manager: Magozaemon
Lighting: Mika Sakaki (I’s), Sakae Kanokozawa
Sound: Tomomi Kishi (Freelance Office)
Script translation: Mitsuki Fujio
Japanese subtitles:,ltd., Beautiful,ltd.
Dubbing subtitles: City Lights
Audio guide: Kaori Saiki (Monogatari group ☆ Polan)
Presenter: The Nippon Foundation
Co-Oganizer: The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS, Phamaly Theatre Company
Special Sponsor: TOKYU GROUP, TikTok
Sponsored by: Facebook, Twitter Japan Inc., Yahoo Japan Corporation, CINRA.NET, Time Out Tokyo, SHIBUYA QWS
Supported by: Embassy of the United States of America, Toshima City, Japan Disability Forum
In cooperation with: TA-net