Happy New Year 2024 from precog

Thank you for your patronage of precog last year.
We hope the new year will be a wonderful one for you.
Our best wishes for your health and happiness in 2024!

Last year, we at precog again produced stage works, film festivals, universal screenings, lectures & workshops, etc. in line with our key words “social implementation of new practice” and “creation of the future of ‘expression’.” We handled a wide variety of projects, including the performances of three chelfitsch works in Europe and Asia, and experimental collaborations by contact Gonzo and yang02 as well as by Shuta Hasunuma and Yoriko Mizushiri. It was also a year in which we further deepened projects spanning the spheres of art and welfare, as exemplified by our operation of a nationwide secretariat as an intermediate organizer and programs for human resource development.

We are going to keep doing our utmost to deliver activities of artistic expression to all kinds of people while serving as a bridge between art/culture and society/the world, and between art and welfare. We are counting on your continued support in 2024!

From the whole staff of precog co., LTD.

We will be doing business as usual beginning on January 9 (Tue), 2024.

Review of topics in 2023

■Premiere of three works by chelfitsch!

chelfitsch & Dai Fujikura with Klangforum Wien: Metamorphosis of a Living Room

This was the first case of collaboration among chelfitsch/Toshiki Okada; Dai Fujikura, an internationally-active composer based in London; and KlangforumWien, a contemporary music ensemble based in Vienna. It had its world premiere at Wiener Festwochen (Austria), and was subsequently staged in Hanover (Germany) and Amsterdam (Netherlands). It received the highest accolades in all of these countries.
(Photo by Nurith Wagner-Strauss)
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NEW ILLUSION is the latest work of EIZO-Theater, whose “theater” rests on life-size projections of actors on screens etc. and the imagination of the audience. The performances in Tokyo and South Korea in 2022 were followed in 2023 by an Asian tour that took the work to Singapore in June and Jakarta in August.
(Photo by Ryohei Tomita)
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A chelfitsch theater project with non-native Japanese speakers: The Window of Spaceship “In-Between”

In 2021, chelfitsch launched a theater project of collaboration with actors whose first language is not Japanese, with a view to opening up the possibilities of Japanese in theater. The work was performed and roundly applauded in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Wuzhen (China).
(Photo by Hideto Maezawa)
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■Collaboration with leading-edge artists!


We held a festival for thinking about translation of physical expression. Besides assisting the display of works by artists who took up the challenge of a unique accessibility, we distributed video works with barrier-free subtitles, sign language, English subtitles, and other supporting features.
(Photo by Hajime Kato)
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Contact Gonzo & yang02, jactynogg zontaanaco

We did the planning and production for this experimental work, which used both AI and the human body. Taking “translation” as its theme, it set forth various issues that are currently confronting us. It created opportunities for contemplation of questions such as the nature of the verbalization of bodily expression and the workings of artificial intelligence.
(Photo by Yurika Kono)
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Pairing the developmental unit AR 3 bros. and precog, this project probes the possibilities and active use of digital archives (both 3D data and motion-capture data) on human bodies. Last year, it focused on the field of performing arts and music, and disclosed data for about 20 people in the form of a virtual body catalogue.
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Three-day workshop & performance: Let’s Dance in the Park with NEW COMER”H”SOKERISSA!

We held a dance workshop in Tire Park (Nishi Rokugo Park), which is a favorite spot of residents in the Kamata district of Ota Ward, Tokyo. Regardless of age or whether or not they had disabilities, all of the participants joined in the creation of expression born of their respective bodies.
(Photo by Chihiro Okamoto)
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■Our lecture series program was a big success!

Project commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs: Contracting lessons for freelance artists and staff

We engaged in activities ranging from the development of educational materials to publicity for widespread knowledge of the project, and further to the holding of seminars. The project evoked a great reaction. If you access the page dedicated to it on the official website, you can view archive videos and download the instructional guidebook (in pdf form).
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Project commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs: Lectures for performing arts expression and appreciation considered together with persons with disabilities

We held learning- and cogitation-oriented lectures for producers and artists planning projects related to the performing arts. There were two categories of lectures: introductory and planning & practice. In January and February of 2024, we are going to hold screenings of documentary films that both students and non-students can attend.
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■We are operating the national liaison secretariat as an intermediate organizer.

The nationwide cooperation secretariat (in the field of performing arts) under Support Program for Arts and Culture Activities of Persons with Disabilities by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

We have served as this secretariat for three consecutive years beginning in fiscal 2021. In this capacity, we are providing cross-wise support for the artistic and cultural activities of persons with disabilities nationwide, and disseminating information on welfare and art.<More details>

■Promoting barrier-free arrangements for works and the viewing environment!
Holding of numerous universal screenings and film festivals!

All-in Film Festival 2023

We held this universal film festival in two places: Karuizawa (Nagano Prefecture) and Nasu (Tochigi Prefecture). We attracted the participation of the local residents, and managed to create a venue where all people, from children to senior citizens, could come together regardless of whether or not they had disabilities or were native Japanese speakers. We hope you will look forward to the future development of this festival.
(Photo by Karuizawa24Seasons (|+|=| STICK AND LADDER S.A.))
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EPAD x THEATRE for ALL universal screening

Held at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, this screening removed all barriers to enjoyment of performing arts, by providing support for appreciation in various ways, including barrier-free subtitles, voice guides, and sign language interpreters. It was attended by many persons with disabilities and their families.
(Photo by Mariko Miyata)
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Theatre-creating LAB 2023

The LAB is devoted to thought about the art appreciation experience together with members of welfare facilities throughout Japan. We developed workshop-type screenings enabling participants to play with sound. In these screenings, they use their voices, bodies, and items around them to add sound to video works while viewing them. This coming fiscal year, we are going to hold the LAB in five locations nationwide.
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■Performance of a steady stream of works by Toshiki Okada!

Kinoshita Kabuki Sakurahime Azuma Bunsho, written and directed by Toshiki Okada

The Kinoshita Kabuki company explores the possibilities of staging Kabuki plays that are rooted in their historical context but set in the contemporary age. Toshiki Okada wrote a new script and directed a performance of Sakurahime Azuma Bunsho, one of the major works by Tsuruya Nanboku, with supervision and supplementation by Yuichi Kinoshita.
(Photo by Hideto Maezawa)
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There is Nothing You Can Do for Her@KOBE Re:Public Art Project

Written and directed by Okada, this work was staged in collaboration with Hairi Katagiri as part of an art project organized by the Economic and Tourism Bureau of Kobe City Government. Mirai Moriyama serves as the main curator of the project.
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KAAT production of The Vacuum Cleaner (written by Toshiki Okada and directed by Yukiko Motoya)

Okada wrote and directed the premiere performance (in German) of The Vacuum Cleaner at Münchner Kammerspiele in 2019. Directed by Yukiko Motoya, the Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT) production was the first performance of this work in Japan, and in Japanese.
(Photo by Hajime Kato)
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Toshiki Okada’s No Horizon@Thalia Theater, Germany

This play made its debut as part of the repertory of Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Germany. It was Okada’s second work to be added to Thalia Theater’s repertoire, following his Doughnuts, which was selected in the previous year as one of the “ten most notable works” in the Theatertreffen festival in Berlin.
(Photo by Fabian Hammerl)
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Overview of major projects in 2024!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our project venues. Please pay a visit to them!

●Japan tour of a new chelfitsch work!

Metamorphosis of a Living Room is finally going to tour Japan! This play had its world premiere in Vienna, Austria in May 2023, and is a production of collaboration with the composer Dai Fujikura. It is in three cities (Tokyo, Kobe, and Nagoya) with Japanese ensembles (Ensemble NOMAD in Tokyo and Nagoya, and Kobe City Chamber Orchestra in Kobe). This ambitious work of chelfitsch/Toshiki Okada is aimed at creating fictional space by juxtaposing theatrical and musical performances on the same stage. We hope you will be watching for subsequent information about this project.

Plans are also being made for an overseas tour of The Window of Spaceship “In-Between” and other works by chelfitsch/Toshiki Okada in the spring and fall seasons. Don’t miss chelfitsch activities this year, either!

●EPAD x THEATRE for ALL: start of barrier-free video distribution

EPAD’s archives provide an overview of performing arts in Japan and contain all sorts of works, from precious pieces in the history of such arts to the latest opuses by up-and-coming creators. In partnership with EPAD, THEATRE for ALL is going to launch online distribution of videos of stage works in its archives in January. The videos will offer enhanced accessibility through the addition of options such as voice guides, barrier-free subtitles, and sign language. We are going to announce the list of titles in the middle of January. Make sure to check it!

●Restart of THEATRE for ALL

THEATRE for ALL has made a fresh start as a platform for providing a wider range of art and welfare contents in addition to its video distribution service. Currently available for viewing, the interview series 100 Circuits is winning high ratings. We want to deliver it to practitioners in the spheres of art and welfare especially today, when art appreciation at real venues is making a comeback. Going forward, new contents are going to become available in a steady stream. We hope you will look forward to them! Click here for recommended topics over the New Year’s holiday season.

●Announcing the start of Staff note

This year, we are beginning a new series, Staff note. Through it, producers, project managers, back office personnel, and other precog staff will share their thoughts and feelings about their work with you. It will be interesting to see what sort of subjects for discussion emerge from their respective outlooks. For more information on Staff note, click here.

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Project Coordinator: Mei Hayashi
Project Manager / Workshop Designer: Mari Hoshi
Project Assistant: Taeko Nishi, Miyuki Saito

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