Planning and production of programs to support art appreciation

We exercise our ingenuity to enable all people to enjoy works and events in barrier-free environments.

提供:日本財団 DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS 撮影:冨田了平 True Colors Festival

Planning and production of events & performances

We plan and produce events and performances with keen insight into the artist’s intentions and themes.

(c)Yuki Moriya

Operation of secretariats for art celebrations & festivals

We operate secretariats for large-scale events in various places around the world.

提供:日本財団 DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS 撮影:佐竹邦彦 True Colors Festival

Diffusion of education for children

We have prepared a program for converting art-related experience into learning.


Construction of network links overseas

We are engaging in partnership, invitational programs, and other projects with parties in more than 90 cities in 36 countries.

Photo ©Japan Foundation

PR & archive production

We handle everything from the production of printed materials to planning for digital communication, all in correspondence with the particular works and objectives.